BBC Radio 4: An English Student's Dream

Wednesday, June 9, 2010
Although it is somewhat disappointing to face up to it, most students of English lack the time and / or the motivation to practice it like they should. There is no need to criticise anybody here, it is a widespread problem and those who do put some time aside to read or watch some films, are the the exception and not the rule.

For this reason I have taken to repeating my new mantra every time I'm given the chance (and even when I am not). Listen to English language internet radio like you would to normal radio in your language. That is, don't listen to it, just play it in the background. Your brain will soak it in slowly but without tiring you.

You can focus on the kids, work you may have brought home, cooking, whatever, your brain will absorb new vocabulary and grammar structures, while at the same time confirming other vocabulary and grammar that you may not be one hundred percent sure about.

And so it is with this end in mind that I now suggest going on to the BBC Radio 4 website and clicking on the "ON NOW:" link, you can also browse around and listen to one of the many programs in their back catalogue. The point, however, is that you must 'boomark' the page so that you can easily find it on a daily basis. Between ten minutes and an hours should be enough to see some noticeable improvements within no more than two months.

Go on, give it a go, it could potentially be one of the best habits to get into.


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